Wing and a Prayer
501(c)3 charitable, educational, and scientific non-profit organization
Goals of International Conservation:

Scientific monitoring and documentation of the CITES Appendix I endangered Vini ultramarina (Ultramarine lorikeet).

Scientific monitoring and documentation of other wild lories and lorikeets.

Long term goal: Restoration and conservation of natural habitats of lories and lorikeets.

Long term goal: Return species to restored natural habitats.

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Wing and a Prayer is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation for charitable, scientific, and educational goals. We rescue and rehabilitate captive lorikeets, and we also study wild lorikeet populations for the purpose of conservation and scientific documentation. Why is this important? Almost all lory and lorikeet species are classified as either endangered, vulnerable, or threatened. Without conservation efforts, the extinction of some species is imminent.

Scientific Observation and Documentation of Wild Populations:
We are dedicated to the preservation of lories and lorikeets in the wild and the conservation of their habitats. Working with the Société d'Ornithologie de Polynésie "MANU", we have focused efforts on the scientific observation, population determination, and photographic documentation of the endangered ultramarine lorikeet in its native habitat of Ua Huka, French Polynesia, as well as assist scientific documentation of the Kuhl's lory on Rimatara, French Polynesia.
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