Goals of Domestic Rescue:

Rescue and rehabilitation of surrendered, ill, or injured captive lories and lorikeets.

Public awareness of the plight of the lorikeet.

Preservation of threatened, vulnerable, and endangered lories and lorikeets.

Preservation of the CITES Appendix II threatened subspecies Eos bornea cyanonothus (Buru red lory).

Long term goal: Determine markers for definitive subspecies typing.

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Wing and a Prayer
Loriidae Preservation and Restoration
501(c)3 charitable, educational, and scientific non-profit organization
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About Lories and Lorikeets
Wing and a Prayer is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation for charitable, scientific, and educational goals. We rescue and rehabilitate captive lorikeets, and we also study wild lorikeet populations for the purpose of conservation and scientific documentation. Why is this important? Almost all lory and lorikeet species are classified as either endangered, vulnerable, or threatened. Without conservation efforts, the extinction of some species is imminent.

Domestic Rescue and Rehabilitation:
We are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of all species of lories and lorikeets. We have been working with the threatened Buru red lory for 20 years. This subspecies of red lory is believed to be disappearing from its native island of Buru, Indonesia, and is extremely difficult to find as a pure subspecies in aviculture. Those remaining few in aviculture have commonly been interbred with the more common subspecies Moluccan red lory, creating hybrids. It is a goal to maintain pure bloodlines of the Buru subspecies of red lory, since they are believed to be close to extinction. We also rescue and rehabilitate all other homeless, ill, or injured lory and lorikeet species that come to our doorstep, as well as assist with those that are rescued by the local nonprofit organization Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue.
Dedicated to the Domestic Rescue and International Conservation of Lories and Lorikeets