Conservation Projects

Current Conservation Projects:

In the summer of 2016, we will return to Ua Huka with 5 major goals:
1. Perform the second comprehensive census count of the ultramarine lorikeet, and compare the results to the census of 2009 to assess population stability.
2. Test newly designed rat-resistant nest boxes to see if the lorikeet will use them.
3. Perform a rat survey to assess rat species and populations.
4. Monitor the rat bait stations on the wharf that were installed by MANU. The bait stations are the first line of defense against black rat invasion of Ua Huka.
5. Document the conservation effort and present the results.

This work is critical, because Ua Huka is the only island that still has a population of the CITES Appendix I endangered
Vini ultramarina. If the black rat invades Ua Huka, then Vini ultramarina will almost definitely become extinct within a few years. Invasion of neighboring Marquesan islands by the black rat has led to the rapid disappearance of the lorikeet on those islands. Eradication of the black rat on those islands has proven unachievable to date.

If you are interested in assisting the ultramarine lorikeet conservation effort of 2016, please help by donating below. All donations are tax deductible.
Past Conservation Projects:

Vini ultramarina (ultramarine lorikeet) is a CITES Appendix I endangered lorikeet.
In 2009, we worked with the Société d'Ornithologie de Polynésie "MANU" to perform a comprehensive census count, scientific observation, and photographic documentation of the ultramarine lorikeet on Ua Huka, the one island where a population still exists.

Vini kuhlii (Kuhl's lorikeet) is a CITES Appendix II endangered lorikeet.
In 2009, we travelled with MANU to assist with the census count of the Kuhl's lory on Rimatara. This work was documented by MANU in the report "Programme de conservation du Lori de Kuhl et suivi des effectifs de Rousserolles de Rimatara en 2009".

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